30 October 2009

Process Photos

Below is a sampling of photos from our work in progress. For those of you who are interested, a Flickr account has been created to archive the photos more extensively:
BMC Re:Happening Flikr

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  1. I enjoyed sharing this wonderful experience with all of you this fall. Reading about Black Mountain College has informed me of the past in which shaped the way I have developed as an artist. Without Hannah Higgins and The Center for the Study of Modern Art I would not have been exposed to the insights into the progressive education much of my art was modeled after.

    As we read accounts of so many historic figures at BMC we had no shortages of material to discuss. From Albers and Rauschenberg to Cunningham and Fuller the distant between these varieties created a dynamic although at times dysfunctional community. In a way this “re:happening” re-created what we had been reading about.